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Tile flooring is a must-have in many homes

Tile flooring has much to offer for homeowners every, with beautiful colors, outstanding durability, and a useful lifespan. Other added benefits can be helpful as well and fit in with many preferences and requirements. If you're looking for a floor covering with lots of versatility, you're in the right place.

Here's what you can expect from tile flooring

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are very similar in nature and appearance, so much that some homeowners think they are the same product. The truth is there are enough differences that one might serve you better than the others. This means it's essential to see these items for yourself and talk with a flooring professional about your expectations.

Porcelain is constructed of only high-quality clay before being fired in hot kilns to produce the density and hardness you expect. The clay creates a through-body color scheme that can help hide chips and cracks if they happen while also providing hard, durable materials that rarely crack in the first place. Many of these products are glazed with a clear coat, allowing natural beauty and patterns to shine through.

Ceramic is made using the same high-quality clay but with the addition of other natural materials. You still get a dense, durable result once fired, but without the through-body color. These pieces are covered in liquid glass glazes that can help you create any décor-matching appearance you want or need.

Added benefits you'll get from these tiles include a lifespan that can surpass 50 years, a more excellent surface on hot days, and products that incredibly easy to clean and maintain. If you need more information or want to see these products in person, drop by any time. We look forward to helping you find the perfect tile.

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